Professor Sir Mike Richards, Chief Inspector of Hospitals: “I would like to congratulate the four charities involved on their combined efforts in providing a cohesive central portal of information on the symptoms of ovarian cancer.  Driving early diagnosis for all cancers is a key part of our strategy for improving survival rates in the UK. Symptom awareness is part of this. These individual charities play increasingly important but different roles in raising awareness, informing and supporting women with this disease, and funding vital research, and I welcome this unique collaboration.”

 Natalie Percival,  National Forum of Gynaecological Oncology Nurses: “Listening to the women and their families who we support through treatment for their ovary cancer, a clear message emerges; increased awareness of the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer (both within primary healthcare and in the public domain) will enable women to be diagnosed correctly earlier.  The National Forum of Gynaecological Oncology Nurses champions the work done through the charities, highlighted through this awareness campaign.”

 Lord Clement-Jones, APPG on Ovarian Cancer: “Since the death of my wife, Vicky, from ovarian cancer I have been passionate about bringing ovarian cancer up the political, charity and public agenda.

She, like I, would have been enormously pleased to see the charities working together on this most important issue – symptom awareness.”


Susan Taylor, ovarian cancer survivor: “It’s good to see charities working together rather than separately. It gives you confidence that the joined up message is the right one. When you have ovarian cancer yourself you need everyone to be working together and to be headed in the same direction.”



MikaMika Simmons, Actress & Founder Gynaecological Cancer Fund: “Having lost my Mum to ovarian cancer when she was just 54 years old, I know firsthand the importance of raising awareness about these cancers. Its possible she had experienced symptoms for up to a year before she finally went to the doctor. I firmly believe if Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month had existed back then – spreading information about symptoms – she may have avoided being diagnosed at Stage 4 and could still be here today to celebrate Mother’s Day with me. Myself and the committee of the Gynaecological Cancer Fund are honoured to join this collaboration of female charities campaigning for more awareness of ovarian and all the gynaecological cancers”

Hilary Maxwell, founder of GO Girls online gynae cancer support group:“A diagnosis of ovarian cancer is terrifying. We aim to comfort women with our unique blend of advice, support and hugs, helping women to connect with other women in the same position – minimising loneliness and creating friendship. Working together will enable us all to crack this very difficult nut. It’s vital we create change – it’s long overdue – Teal is the New Pink!”