Make Time for Tea – Over 7,300 women are sadly diagnosed with ovarian cancer every year in the UK and the devastating reality of the disease is that 4,100 will unfortunately lose their battle. That equates to 11 women a day!

THIS needs to CHANGE!

The Eve Appeal is committed to raising vital awareness and changing these statistics as we know that early diagnosis can make a huge difference.

That is why we’re asking you to start dusting off your cake mixers and get baking as you join us for our annual Make Time for Tea campaign. And whilst you’re at it – why not let us know who would be your top tea party guests and why and we’ll share ours with you!

UKFOCSS – The UK Familial Ovarian Cancer Screening Study (UKFOCSS) is a screening trial focusing on the 10% of ovarian cancers that are attributed to genetic predisposition.

Currently, the only strategy available to reduce the risk of developing ovarian cancer is surgery to remove the ovaries and fallopian tubes; however, many women are unwilling to undergo risk-reducing surgery. The results of the screening study are expected in early 2017.

PROMISE 2016 – The research programme PROMISE 2016 (Predicting Risk of Ovarian Malignancy, Improving Screening and Early detection) aims to develop methods for predicting risk and earlier diagnosis of ovarian cancer. Additionally, it is seeking to create an accurate, economically and socially viable method for screening appropriate populations for ovarian cancer.

FORECEE – Our ground-breaking risk prediction research programme – FORECEE – has the vision to develop a screening process that aims to prevent four female cancers (ovarian, cervical, womb and breast) and save significantly more women’s lives. It will aim to make individualised risk predictions for cancer available to women for the first time. To find out more please watch our short two minute film.

BEAT ovarian cancer with Ovacome

As part of Ovacome’s ongoing campaigning to make women and healthcare professionals aware of the symptoms of ovarian cancer, Ovacome has launched a UK-wide initiative to encourage women and healthcare professionals to recognise the symptoms of ovarian cancer.
B for bloating that is persistent and doesn’t come and go
E for eating less and feeling fuller
A for abdominal pain
T for telling your GP

To learn more about BEAT and the symptoms of ovarian cancer click here.

Ovacome’s ovarian cancer symptom tracker

Ovacome has teamed with Health Unlocked and Macmillan Cancer Support to create a unique way of raising awareness of the early signs of ovarian cancer.  If you have BEAT symptoms (as above), the tracker generates a report that can help your doctor decide if tests or scans are necessary.  It makes it easier for doctors to understand your symptoms and what might be causing them.  Track your symptoms with the BEAT tracker here.

Connect with people, volunteers and professionals on My Ovacome

My Ovacome is Ovacome’s lively and supportive interactive online community.  Read blogs, discuss ovarian cancer, ask and answer questions, write a journal, connect with other women and lots more.  To get involved go to

Walk In Her Name

You probably know a woman who has been touched by ovarian cancer. We’re asking you to organise a walk in your local area, in her name.

You can pick your own route and a day that suits you best – it’s really your call.

The money you raise will fund our life-saving research and awareness work.

Box 2 Beat Cancer

Box 2 Beat Cancer is a three hour boxercise class that will raise vital funds for our scientists and awareness work.

Raise awareness

There are lots of ways that you could help us spread the word:

  1. Distribute our awareness material in your local area – does your GP have up to date ovarian cancer symptoms leaflets?
  2. Share our symptoms awareness video on facebook or twitter
  3. Get in touch with us about organising an awareness talk in your local community, email

What’s your BRCA risk?

Does your family history put  you at risk of ovarian cancer? For Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month this March use our online BRCA Risk Tool to find out your personal risk and share it with your family and friends. This online tool has been reviewed by St George’s University Clinical Genetics team and Dr Angela Brady, Consultant Clinical Geneticist. What’s your BRCA risk?


Shout about the symptoms
Early diagnosis saves lives

March is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.

Ovarian cancer can be devastating. Far too many women are diagnosed too late, once the cancer has already spread, making treatment more difficult. When a woman is diagnosed at the earliest stage, her chance of surviving ovarian cancer for five years or more doubles from just 46 per cent to more than 90 per cent. With your support, we can get more women diagnosed sooner and save lives.

Let’s Start Making Noise this Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.

Download our Symptoms Diary app

The Symptoms Diary app is free to download, and will help women accurately record their symptoms and communicate more effectively with their GP. The app reminds women to record the symptoms they are experiencing and prompts women to book an appointment with their GP. Women can download a full report to take to their GP. The app is also available as a printed version.